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Amidst a country aiming to become a popular travel destination, especially in the Center of Tokyo, there is an increase of foreign tourists coming to Japan and a rise in the cost of business hotels and operation costs. Surely the industry will continue to flourish due to inbound business from tourists, aiding in the national interest. However, for those coming to the center of Tokyo for extended business trips or stays, it is not uncommon for people to spend hours on the internet searching for a place to stay that meets their needs. Here are just a few of the comments we have heard:
I have work to do in Nihonbashi for my long business trip, yet I have to hop around different hotels each day.
After calling 20 different hotels, I can't find anything cheaper than 12,000 yen per night.
It's so difficult to find a place to stay that the lodging allowance my company gave me can cover.
The number of people hosting their homes as hotels is increasing, but according to information from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare as of March 1st, 2018, of the 8,200 rooms at that time, 1.8% were renting spaces that were not legal, had poor house maintenance, bad water quality, health and safety issues, no security, bugging devices set up, outdated earthquake resistance measures, or deterioration, none of which would show up on your receipt... These things tend to make customers hesitant to use such facilities.
Of course, you could stay the night at a different hotel every day, but you're going to end up spending more money on transportation, stay fees, and food cost. Things often don't go smoothly either, and you end up forgetting to ask for a proper receipt or you have to choose an expensive hotel and then work extra hard to justify it to your company, wasting valuable time that could have otherwise been spent on your work and destroying your productivity.

Sun Frontier Group's Lodging FacilitiesHere we will tell you about Sun Frontier Group's features.

The peace of mind that Sun Frontier Group's property, management, and maintenance will bring you.

Heartfelt Customer Service
Sun Frontier's motto. All of Sun Frontier's staff members vow to give you the highest quality service straight from the heart. We provide our customers with unmatched service that you can trust.

No Hassle

Imagine that over and over again, you search for a hotel that fits your allowed budget, make a reservation, make sure to get a receipt, write a report, hand it to your superiors, then they have to make calculations and file it...you get the picture. Sun Frontier only gives you one receipt per apartment for your entire stay. You can skip all of the difficult calculations and processes. Use the time you saved to get your work done and stop stressing about deadlines.

Contracts Per Bed Per Night!

One bed, one room, one floor, several different apartments, you can even rent out the entire building if it's available! We have the flexibility to help you find the facility just right for your needs. For company contracts, feel free to use our facilities for the transfer of your employees, business trips, for sudden meetings with clients, and any other use you see fit.

Include Services with no Extra Work

Weekly and monthly apartments usually charge extra for each piece of furniture, utensils, supplies, etc. which only gives you more work to do. Not to mention that you have to return everything in the end. This not only wastes your valuable time but can get quite costly as well. When you stay with us, all of our services are already included in the price, saving you time, energy and money.

Make Use of our other Facilities and Increase Efficiency

You can use any combination of the offices, lodging facilities, restaurants, sharehouses, meeting rooms, management, or cleaning services we provide jointly. We can offer a shared office and lodging together for those with flexible needs, a meeting space and hotel combo for new-hire training. We can offer you the ideal service to meet your personal needs.

One-Stop Payment

You stay with your family on the weekend so you pay with your own money, on the weekends, you use the company's money. Do you pay all other expenses by yourself or does the company pay for everything? We can adjust to any type of payment you like in one easy invoice. We also offer automatic payments through the bank account of your choice.

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