About the Contract

Process required before using our servicesThe following explains the process starting from inquiry to contract, usage, and leaving our residence.


Please tell us your desired residence conditions us via phone, or by filling out the general inquiry form or the inquiry form for any of our locations. Please don't hesitate to make inquiries about any questions you may have as well.

Applying for Housing

We will send the application to you via fax or e-mail. Please fill out the application and send it back to us via e-mail or fax along with a copy of a form of identification (picture required).

※If you do not have a fax or e-mail address, please ask us about alternate methods.

※Accepted forms of identification are government-issued cards such as a driver's license or passport.

※In the case of a corporate contract, please send a copy of a company transcript of the contracting company, the business card of the person in charge of contracting, and an ID for the person wishing to enter the housing.

※Please note that we may ask for additional documents other than the ones listed above.

Confirmation and Screening

Once we have received your documents and the screening process has finished, the reservation will be complete. We will then send you documents including the contract and invoice.

※Please note that based on the results of the screening and/or the order of applicants, we may be unable to comply with your request.


After you have passed the screening process, we will send you 2 contracts and an invoice. Please sign both contracts before sending them back us. Please send the payment together with the contracts. Once we have confirmed your documents and payment, the contract will be established.

Entering Your Housing

Once the contract is established, we will send one copy to the person in our company in charge of your housing. They will contact you regarding your key(s) and the entrance process.

Leaving Housing

The process for returning your key(s) is written on the "Contract Info" handed to you at the time of contract initiation. Please let us know via fax or e-mail once you have vacated the room by 6 pm on the final day of your contract. Our staff does not generally meet with you during the vacating process.

※The process may vary between properties.

Contract OverviewThe following is the contract information. Please read through it carefully.

Contract Overview

Type of Contract
fixed-term rental housing contract
Contract Duration
Starting from one month (You may renew your contract upon completion of the contract period)
Those other than the contracted tenants or otherwise not mentioned in the contract may not stay in the residence.

Things Needed when Forming a Contract

Necessary Documents for Contract
A Photo ID (Driver's Licence, Passport, etc.) and a signature stamp of either the contracting person or supporting corporation.
Not Required
Key Money
Not Required
Fire Insurance Fee
Not Required
Brokerage Fee
Not Required
First Month's Rent
See Contract for Conditions
First Month's Utility Fees
See Contract for Conditions
Cleaning Fee
For contracts longer than 2 months, we will collect a cleaning fee once a month for facility maintenance.

Monthly Fee

Consumption tax
will not apply.
Utilities and Cleaning Fee
Consumption tax will apply

Things Needed when Renewing Your Contract

Contract Renewal Fee
Not Required
For Persons Changing Housing Conditions
An extra fee will be added only in the event that you change contract conditions (room, duration, different services, etc.).



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